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common.conf.5 (3729B)

      1 .TH WMI 5 User Manuals
      2 .SH NAME
      3 WMI \- Window Manager Improved, a X11 window manager for hackers
      5 The file \fIcommon.conf\f1 is used to fine adjust the common options of WMI.
      6 .SH FORMAT
      7 The basic format of all \fI.conf\f1 and \fI.session\f1 files is as follows:
      9 key=value
     11 # comment
     13 key=\\#value # '\\' escapes special characters
     15 # special characters are: ", =, \\ and #
     17 If you've whitespaces within values, you've to quote them with '"' characters. You're free to let empty lines or whitespaces before and after keys, the '=' operator and the value. If you need a special character, you've to escape it using the '\\' character, e.g. \\=.
     18 .SH OPTIONS
     19 Following option keys are defined:
     20 .TP
     21 \fBautocompletion.mode=\f1
     22 Defines how to autocomplete in input mode. Valid values are 'regex' and 'default'.
     23 .TP
     24 \fBbar.buttons=\f1
     25 Defines wether the buttons of the float bar or statusbar are visible ('yes') or not visible ('no'), default is 'yes'.
     26 .TP
     27 \fBborder.width=\f1
     28 Defines the width of frame and client borders. Default is 3 pixels.
     29 .TP
     30 \fBdefault.bar-mode=\f1
     31 Defines if bars are visible by default or not. Values are 'show' and 'hide'.
     32 .TP
     33 \fBdefault.border-mode=\f1
     34 Defines if borders are visible by default or not. Values are 'show' and 'hide'.
     35 .TP
     36 \fBdefault.client-mode=\f1
     37 Defines if unknown clients are attached maxmized ('max') or floating ('float'). Default is 'float'.
     38 .TP
     39 \fBdefault.transient-mode=\f1
     40 Defines if unknown transient windows are attached maxmized ('max') or floating ('float'). Default is 'float'.
     41 .TP
     42 \fBframe.autodestroy=\f1
     43 Defines wether frames are automatically destroyed when empty or not. Valid values are 'yes' and 'no'.
     44 .TP
     45 \fBframe.buttons=\f1
     46 Defines wether the buttons of frames/clients are visible ('yes') or not ('no'), default is 'yes'.
     47 .TP
     48 \fBframe.colwidth=\f1
     49 Defines how much percentage is used for the left client in tiled mode of the frame width. Default is '66', valid values vary between 1 and 99.
     50 .TP
     51 \fBframe.mode=\f1
     52 Defines wether frames are tiled or tabbed by default. Valid values are 'tiled' and 'tabbed'.
     53 .TP
     54 \fBmenu.actions=\f1
     55 Defines which actions appear in the menu of the clientbar. The value is a comma-separated list of action names.
     56 .TP
     57 \fBresize-factor=\f1
     58 Defines the relative resize factor for keyboard driven resize or move operations. Relative means relative to the screen dimension. Useful values are between 1 and 30, default is 10.
     59 .TP
     60 \fBresize-info=\f1
     61 Defines where the resize information should be located. You can choose 'center' or 'bar' here, default is 'center'.
     62 .TP
     63 \fBslot.alignment=\f1
     64 Defines wether the slot appears 'right' or 'left', default is 'right'.
     65 .TP
     66 \fBslot.style=\f1
     67 Defines wether the slot should appear 'transparent' or 'solid'. Default is 'transparent'. Solid means fill with bar.background color.
     68 .TP
     69 \fBslot.tabs=\f1
     70 Defines the tabs of the slot. Values are a comma-seprated list of tab names.
     71 .TP
     72 \fBstatusbar.alignment=\f1
     73 Defines the alignment of the status bar, allowed are 'top' and 'bottom', default is 'bottom'.
     74 .TP
     75 \fBstatusbar.status-width=\f1
     76 Defines the relative (to monitor width) width of the space for user defined status information set by \fBwmiremote(1)\f1. Default is 30 (percent).
     77 .TP
     78 \fBterminal=\f1
     79 Defines the terminal command to use for the exec-term action, default is "xterm -e".
     80 .SH AUTHOR
     81 WMI was written by Anselm R. Garbe < anselm@garbe.us > and others (see AUTHORS or the WMI site for further information)
     83 You will find the newest version of WMI at \fBhttp://wmi.suckless.org/\f1. There is also a mailing list.
     84 .SH BUGS
     85 You should report them to the mailing list.
     86 .SH SEE ALSO
     87 \fBwmi(1)\f1, \fBwmiremote(1)\f1, \fBactions.conf(5)\f1, \fBsession.conf(5)\f1, \fBtheme.conf(5)\f1