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      1 Distributors
      2 ============
      4 This file only applies to those who wish to distribute wmii in any
      5 form. The conditions herein do not apply to end users in any manner
      6 whatsoever.
      8 License Terms
      9 =============
     11 wmii is licensed under the liberal MIT License. This license allows
     12 for free modification and distribution of the source code, so long
     13 as credit is given to the author. To this end, the LICENSE file, or
     14 an equivalent statement of its contents, MUST be distributed with
     15 any significant binary or source portions of this software. The file
     16 SHOULD be included with the software's documentation. The default
     17 installation sequence provides for this.
     19 Note that this condition only applies to distribution, and that the
     20 end user is under no obligation to keep or install a copy of the
     21 LICENSE file. Note also that this software may be sub-licensed under
     22 more restrictive terms, though the original LICENSE text MUST remain.
     24 The wmii Name
     25 =============
     27 The following conditions apply to any distribution which uses the
     28 name wmii. These conditions apply only to wmii name, and not to its
     29 source code or any other included materials.
     31 When in doubt about any of these conditions or other matters of
     32 packaging or distribution, please contact the wmii mailing lists at
     33 <dev@suckless.org> or Kris Maglione <maglione.k@gmail.com>. The
     34 conditions herein MAY be contravened by any more lenient
     35 distribution terms agreed upon by the latter, which SHOULD replace
     36 this file in the form of a PGP signed permissions notice.
     38 Version Strings
     39 ---------------
     41 Any binary distribution of wmii MUST have a properly set VERSION
     42 string. This is the string printed by the 'wmii' binary when
     43 invoked with the '-v' flag.
     45 This string may normally be set in 'mk/wmii.mk'. Unmodified builds
     46 from the Mercurial tree automatically set this string based on the
     47 Mercurial local revision number, so long as the 'hg' command is
     48 present and properly functioning.
     50 Any version which is an official release, alpha, or beta, MUST
     51 contain the release version. Alpha and beta releases MUST be
     52 proceeded directly by "a" or "b" followed by the alpha or beta
     53 number respectively. wmii 4.0, Alpha 3, for instance, MUST be
     54 formatted as 4.0a3
     56 Any version which is not an official release or snapshot MUST
     57 contain the Mercurial local revision number or changeset hash in its
     58 version string. The local revision number MUST be within 5 revisions
     59 of the equivalent changeset in the official canonical repositories
     60 at http://hg.suckless.org/ and http://wmii.googlecode.com/. This
     61 SHOULD be formatted as hgXXXX, where XXXX is the decimal revision
     62 number.
     64 The version string of any official snapshot release MUST, if it does
     65 not contain Mercurial revision information as above, contain the
     66 date of the snapshot in the form YYYYMMDD, and SHOULD contain the
     67 word snap or snapshot.
     69 The version string of a snapshot MAY contain the version name of a
     70 full release that the snapshot is expected to precede, but it MUST
     71 be either directly preceded, or directly followed by, the word
     72 'pre', optionally separated by a non-alphanumeric character,
     73 including -~_,./.
     75 Modifications
     76 -------------
     78 Any binary distribution which is modified in any non-trivial way
     79 MUST signify the modifications in its name or version string. This
     80 DOES NOT include minor patches to improve consistency with the rest
     81 of the system, including changing the default terminal emulator,
     82 POSIX-compliant shell, or installation prefix.
     84 Source form distribution MAY include non-trivial patches without
     85 such modifications, provided that the user is made clearly aware of
     86 them at build or install time and/or prompted in some way to enable
     87 or disable them.