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      1 			     wmii 3.10
      3 @@ If you're reading this file before it's been installed,
      4 @@ substitute the following directories for their placeholders.
      5 @@   @DOCDIR@		doc/
      6 @@   @EXAMPLES@		examples/
      7 @@   @LOCALCONF@	~/.wmii or ~/.wmii-hg (if this is a snapshot)
      8 @@   @ALTDOC@		alternative_wmiircs/
      9 @@
     10 Frequently Asked Questions
     11 ==========================
     13 1. I've just upgraded and something doesn't work.
     14 -------------------------------------------------
     15 If you compiled wmii yourself, please try again from a clean source
     16 tree. If wmii still fails, try deleting or renaming your old
     17 configuration files. If this fails, see questions #2.
     19 2. I've read all of the docs, but I still need help.
     20 ----------------------------------------------------
     21 You can get support[1] in the #suckless irc channel on irc.oftc.net, or
     22 you can subscribe to the mailing list by sending an email to
     23 dev+subscribe@suckless.org. You can also browse or search the
     24 mailing list archives[2] at Gmane.
     26 3. I think I've found a bug.
     27 ----------------------------
     28 You can report bugs at the issue tracker at the Google Code
     29 project[3]. Please be sure to search for your problem before you
     30 open a new issue.
     32 4. How do I get a list of keyboard shortcuts?
     33 ---------------------------------------------
     34 The default keyboard shortcuts are listed in both the wmii(1)
     35 manpage and in the user guide[4]. You can also get a list of all
     36 current keyboard shortcuts at any time by selecting 'showkeys' from
     37 the actions menu (M-a).
     39 5. How do I customize wmii? How do I change my keyboard shortcuts?
     40 ------------------------------------------------------------------
     41 You can customize wmii by editing its configuration script. If
     42 you're using the stock wmiirc configuration script, you can add key
     43 bindings and change your theme by editing @LOCALCONF@/wmiirc_local.
     44 See @EXAMPLES@/wmiirc_local for more information. You should also be
     45 sure to read wmii(1) and the user guide[4].
     47 6. I've heard I can do my configuration in any language?
     48 --------------------------------------------------------
     49 While wmii is driven by a sh(1) script by default, it ships with
     50 configuration scripts in several other languages, and more still are
     51 available elsewhere on the web. See @ALTDOC@/README for more
     52 information.
     54 7. I've made some changes to my configuration. How do I reload it?
     55 ------------------------------------------------------------------
     56 You can rerun your wmiirc script from the actions menu at any time.
     57 If you're running the stock wmiirc, just select wmiirc. If you're
     58 running the python wmiirc (and haven't moved it to
     59 @LOCALCONF@/wmiirc), type python/wmiirc, and so on.
     61 8. How do I restart wmii without killing X?
     62 -------------------------------------------
     63 You can either run 'exec wmii' from the actions menu or write 
     64 'exec wmii' to the /ctl virtual file.
     66 9. Why is there space around my terminal windows?
     67 -------------------------------------------------
     68 Your terminal has asked to only be resized in certain increments,
     69 and there's not enough space for another row. `wmii` is forced to
     70 compromise and leave blank space around it. If you'd rather wmii to
     71 ignore the terminal's request, write 'incmode ignore'[5] to the /ctl
     72 virtual file. Note, though, that this will prevent `wmii`'s normal
     73 behavior of trying to keep these increment gaps as small as
     74 possible, and will therefore result in more wasted space than
     75 otherwise.
     77 10. On FreeBSD, using p9p[6], I get an error about not being able to open /dev/fd/7.
     78 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
     79 You need to mount fdescfs on /dev/fd. See the BUGS section of rc(1)
     80 for details.
     82 11. How do I set a background image?
     83 ------------------------------------
     84 This isn't the job of a window manager. You can set the background
     85 with a third party tool, such as wmsetbg, Esetbg, feh, qiv,
     86 xsetroot, etc.
     88 12. How do I enable sequential shortcuts (like in ratpoison)?
     89  or How do I use wmii with emacs? The shortcuts collide!
     90 -------------------------------------------------------------
     92 Some applications make extensive use of the Alt key. The preferred
     93 solution is to use the Windows, Apple, or Penguin key in its place.
     94 It's assigned the identifier Mod4 on most systems. Set the
     95 following in wmiirc_local:
     97     MODKEY=Mod4
     99 Alternatively, you can use key chains, so you're required to press a
    100 certain key combination before wmii accepts its shortcuts:
    102     MODKEY=Control-i,
    104 13. How do I find out the names of keys to define keyboard shorcuts?
    105 --------------------------------------------------------------------
    106 The easiest way is to run wikeyname(1) and type the key you want to
    107 bind.
    110 [1] http://suckless.org/community
    111 [2] http://dir.gmane.org/gmane.comp.misc.suckless
    112 [3] http://wmii.googlecode.com/
    113 [4] @DOCDIR@/wmii.pdf
    114 [5] For more information, see wmii(1).
    115 [6] http://plan9.us