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2011-02-23 19:36Fix allocation bug.Kris Maglione1+1-1
2011-02-06 04:03Fix build with recent versions of GNU make. Closes issue #216.Kris Maglione2+4-4
2010-07-07 22:32[debian] Fix DESTDIR. Fix some lintian warnings.Kris Maglione2+6-7
2010-07-07 22:14[debian] Fix PREFIX and DESTDIRKris Maglione2+17-0
2010-07-07 01:24[debian] Add 'deb' make target.Kris Maglione3+46-5
2010-06-23 18:47Add debhelper to debian build dependency list.Kris Maglione3+5-3
2010-06-23 18:09Fix build error.Kris Maglione2+9-10
2010-06-23 17:53Add ixp_pending_print and ixp_pending_vprint.Kris Maglione6+76-24
2010-06-23 17:43Add debian packaging materials.Kris Maglione6+31-1
2010-06-23 14:47Add PKGBUILD. Fix some install problems.Kris Maglione3+31-2
2010-06-18 16:15Add some additional documentation.Kris Maglione48+359-118
2010-06-17 22:55Add renamed manpage.Kris Maglione2+45-23
2010-06-17 22:03Add IXP_ASSERT_VERSION macro.Kris Maglione5+69-7
2010-06-16 21:28Fix occurrences of abbreviated type names in man pages.Kris Maglione12+57-52
2010-06-16 19:48Doc updates and minor API changes.Kris Maglione64+2047-492
2010-06-15 18:26Fix man section number.Kris Maglione24+25-23
2010-06-15 18:22First stab at API man pages.Kris Maglione47+1445-221
2010-06-14 14:47Run preselect after timers.Kris Maglione1+3-3
2010-06-02 00:17Update copyrights.Kris Maglione16+35-35
2010-05-29 18:07Check srv->running after running srv->preselect and timers.Kris Maglione2+4-1
2010-05-24 19:25Fix install problem introduced in revision 0946163ab7a0.Kris Maglione1+1-1
2010-05-24 17:02Fix installation broken 2 commits prior.Kris Maglione1+4-4
2010-05-24 12:47Fix lib installation paths.Kris Maglione1+16-16
2010-05-23 16:50Sync makefiles with wmii.Kris Maglione19+149-114
2010-05-23 16:43Cleanup the root dir a bit.Kris Maglione49+4354-4336
2009-10-31 22:06Fix ixp_srvutils bug in corner case. Closes issue #150.Kris Maglione3+12-6
2009-10-30 21:37Add ixp_printfcall to respond().Kris Maglione1+2-0
2009-10-29 23:57Make srv->wstat optional.Kris Maglione1+4-0
2009-10-12 00:14Fix segfault when clients clunk files with pending requests. Cleanup, etc.Kris Maglione2+235-225
2009-10-10 18:59Remove LPL-licensed Plan 9 code. Update build system. Cleanup.Kris Maglione13+349-591
2009-09-03 18:28Generally minor cleanup. Add some API docss.Kris Maglione4+49-16
2009-09-03 18:20Change .O extension to .outKris Maglione3+38-28
2008-09-21 03:39Added tag 0.5 for changeset fa4f101de44asqweek0+0-0
2008-09-21 03:39Update VERSION.sqweek1+1-1
2008-09-20 19:26Use sed instead of ${foo#d} for portability.sqweek1+1-1
2008-09-20 14:53Fix order of debug message so we don't dereference a random pointer.sqweek1+1-2
2008-09-20 14:51Add wstat support.sqweek3+65-25
2008-09-20 13:59Fix argv0 initialisation so it doesn't break ixpc -a <foo>.sqweek1+1-1
2008-09-20 03:04Fix use of uninitialised global variable user.sqweek1+3-0
2008-09-20 03:03Update to new fcall API.sqweek1+30-30
2008-09-20 02:17Add append command to ixpc.sqweek1+26-1
2008-08-30 21:51merge.Kris Maglione0+0-0
2008-08-30 21:50s/Fcall/IxpFcall/ in ixp.hKris Maglione1+1-1
2008-08-25 15:30Create ixp_srvutils—convenience functions and structures from wmii's fs.c. Bump API version.Kris Maglione9+498-7
2008-05-27 22:42Remove some temporary code (fix broken compile).Kris Maglione2+0-4
2008-05-26 22:41Merge.Kris Maglione1+4-2
2008-05-26 22:40Fix makefile.Kris Maglione2+1-2
2008-05-25 21:17Merge.Kris Maglione0+0-0
2008-05-25 21:14Make IxpFcall c99 friendly (but, maintain backward compatibility, for now).Kris Maglione9+325-189
2008-02-03 22:10Add ixp_namespace, ixp_nsmount, ixp_smprint. Bump API version.Kris Maglione16+197-39
2008-01-27 18:48Partial inline API documentation. Note that there is currently no way to munge this documentation format.Kris Maglione5+309-17
2008-01-27 03:27Add <sys/types.h> where needed, thanks to a report by Muzgo, and on wmii-list. Also, add ixp_fstat, and const some parameters.Kris Maglione13+95-76
2008-01-20 17:19Add timer functions. Change ixp_message to use char*. Add mk/ from wmii.Kris Maglione33+506-241
2007-12-15 03:19Remove the reference to ixp_fcall.h from include/Makefile. Again, thanks to Bart.Kris Maglione1+1-1
2007-12-15 03:15Fixed linking error when older version is installed. Reported by: Bart TrojanowskKris Maglione2+2-2
2007-11-28 23:26Merge.Kris Maglione2+4-3
2007-11-28 23:19Apparantly, there is a lot of uncommitted cleanup. I've added a simple file server by Ron Minnich to the examples dir.Kris Maglione28+932-429
2007-07-05 18:37Resolve port names.Kris Maglione2+82-56
2007-07-02 16:43Add select handler to the ixp_nothread struct.Kris Maglione1+1-0
2007-07-01 21:34Fix ixp_fcall.h generation.Kris Maglione1+6-4
2007-07-01 21:25Install header files.Kris Maglione1+2-0
2007-07-01 21:18Add select to the threading stubs. I fear I'll need it.Kris Maglione5+5-1
2007-07-01 21:09Fix install.Kris Maglione3+16-14
2007-07-01 20:41Include sys/select.h from ixp.h.Kris Maglione1+7-0
2007-07-01 20:25Ask glibc to please give me the functions the standard says it should.Kris Maglione1+1-0
2007-07-01 20:10Fix issues. Add ixp_print and ixp_vprint.Kris Maglione11+63-16
2007-07-01 11:51Don't build ruby or task thread stubs by default.Kris Maglione3+10-2
2007-07-01 11:35Add threading support.Kris Maglione40+1990-373
2007-06-17 21:01Add a callback to run before select().Kris Maglione2+5-1
2007-06-02 15:03Add mk/gcc.mkKris Maglione2+24-2
2007-06-01 19:27Don't overwrite the root fid.Kris Maglione1+1-0
2007-06-01 18:57Properly calculate the size of IxpCFid allocations.Kris Maglione1+11-12
2007-06-01 18:38Free the Fid freelist on unmount.Kris Maglione5+22-17
2007-06-01 17:57Free client message buffer on unmount.Kris Maglione1+3-0
2007-04-17 22:16Don't use ranlib.Kris Maglione3+5-5
2007-03-28 18:37Fix strcmp in socket.c.Kris Maglione1+2-2
2007-03-28 18:25Refactored socket.c.Kris Maglione1+139-133
2007-03-28 04:20Sync the build scripts and ixpc with wmii.Kris Maglione5+54-45
2007-03-27 21:27Fixed length passed to bind.Kris Maglione1+2-2
2007-03-26 21:20Fixed some bugs.Kris Maglione4+24-20
2007-03-26 19:46Add a default label to the argument handling in ixpc.Kris Maglione1+3-0
2007-03-26 18:27Fixed some bugs.Kris Maglione10+62-30
2007-03-26 04:49New tree layout and make system. New API. New client and ixpc code.Kris Maglione50+3381-2969
2007-03-18 05:56Allocate enough space for terminating nuls when unpacking strings.Kris Maglione1+5-3
2007-03-17 22:57Fixed a bug that ostensibly prevented one from walking 4 directories deep.Kris Maglione1+10-5
2007-03-16 06:04Don't klobber the address passed to ixp_connect_sock.Kris Maglione1+13-6
2007-03-13 06:37Link ixpc directly against the libixp.a objects.Kris Maglione1+1-1
2007-03-12 05:33Free data after you use it, not before.Kris Maglione1+4-3
2007-03-10 06:37Forgot to add a free().Kris Maglione1+1-0
2007-03-10 04:26Return the full pathname of a failed walk.Kris Maglione2+5-5
2007-03-06 09:09Fixed some void pointer arithmatic and fixed some signedness issues.Kris Maglione5+23-30
2007-03-06 08:50Added u(v?long|int|short|char) typedefs, and fixed some bugs reported by mauke.Kris Maglione12+241-228
2007-03-06 08:29Change reference to ssid to libixp in the README.Kris Maglione2+2-4
2007-02-20 18:25Undoing last change. It was already done in LDFLAGSKris Maglione1+1-1
2007-02-20 18:22Use -L. before -lixp when linking ixpcKris Maglione2+2-1
2007-02-20 17:21Make dist tried to package fcall.h.union, while the right file name would have been only fcall.h.Denis Grelich1+1-1
2007-02-18 18:52Fix an early free bug.Kris Maglione1+1-1
2007-02-17 15:41Fix ref counting in request.cKris Maglione1+19-18
2007-02-17 05:19Fix exit status and segfault in ixpc xwriteKris Maglione1+3-2
2007-02-16 07:34Properly bracket the usage information in ixpc. Add xwrite to ixpc.1, and modify the examples appropriately.Kris Maglione2+12-7