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2013-04-04 02:38remove redundant dc_window function which is in libdc nowCarlos J. Torres1+2-10
2013-04-04 02:37link against libdcCarlos J. Torres1+1-1
2010-08-31 22:43* Properly fix fPIC buildpancake4+11-14
2010-08-31 22:31fix fPIC compilationpancake2+10-12
2010-08-31 22:26cleanup warnings do not update in motionpancake5+10-7
2010-08-31 22:11use imlib2 to load images for x11 backend set x11 window title add support for loading and manipulating images in x11 added image.c api to wrap Imlib and cache imagespancake5+86-22
2010-08-30 20:53check popen return value in calc examplepancake1+7-7
2010-08-27 18:32honor user-defined font in X11 backend remove warningspancake2+8-10
2010-08-27 18:01enhace support for drawing lines in x11 backend fix buildpancake1+1-6
2010-08-27 17:55fix event handling 100% cpu usage remove unnecessary touchscreen hacks on x11 fix tlock example for small screenspancake3+38-42
2010-08-25 03:30various fixes in animation and layout of test.cpancake3+24-16
2010-08-25 03:00initial implementation of multiline input widget swk_text is the widget to enter multiple lines of text supports scrolling, cursor and basic text manipulation filter keycodes at backend level on x11 and sdl add support for 5 button mouse to gi_x11 add animation between screens in t/test.c enter key no longers activates the widget, press control+enterpancake8+443-29
2010-08-24 21:14add CCCOLOR for Current Column Color fill the background of some widgets with ColorBG fix text height in SDL rendering update config.def.hpancake6+66-17
2010-08-24 20:06fix cursor in swk_entry with some ugly hacks use USE_X11 and USE_SDL defines fix error message when cannot open images add 'close' button in scrollwin screen of test.cpancake5+38-8
2010-08-24 17:04fix button widget boundariespancake1+9-16
2010-08-24 16:34fix event issue on some xorg versions various simplifications in the x11 backend use the libdraw's pixmap add left spacing in button and bigbutton widgetspancake2+27-35
2010-08-22 06:06drop useless check in gi_x11. dc_init ensures non-null pointer add support for floating point arithmetics to t/calcpancake3+4-2
2010-08-22 05:54honor config.h colors and fix window boundaries in gi_x11 use libdraw as dependency for gi_x11 and other minor cosmetic changespancake9+85-44
2010-08-19 10:18removed useless has_event stuffanselm@garbe.us4+2-26
2010-08-19 09:57minor fix to has_eventanselm@garbe.us1+1-3
2010-08-19 09:48fix clean ruleanselm@garbe.us1+1-1
2010-08-18 22:38add calculator sample applicationpancake2+86-1
2010-08-18 21:30use config.def.mk to cache build options simplify readmepancake3+25-24
2010-08-18 18:14* Add 'uninstall' target * Add more information in README * Display warning when image cannot be loadedpancake3+24-2
2010-07-01 23:40fix x11 keyboard input (backspace, return) fix vertical align text in buttons in x11 clean warnings and remove deprecated codepancake5+27-30
2010-07-01 19:53initial import of the x11 backendpancake2+275-0
2010-06-11 09:06update TODO file fix initial break in tlock.c test program fix segfault and invalid w->col valuepancake3+26-14
2010-06-11 08:52fix glitch drawing first column when colpos=0 doublemove the column position (sync with Y axis speed)pancake2+7-0
2010-06-11 08:46added horitzontal dragging support to move column position dim colpos range between [0:w->r.w] sync config.n900.hpancake4+27-8
2010-06-10 22:47add support for a second column hook Control-{H,L} to move left/right the column one/two column setup can be changed in runtime fix string corruption issue swk_gi_text make SCROLLSPEED configurablepancake8+135-87
2010-06-10 09:04auto scroll when focusing out of screen widgets added support for multiline widgets added big button widgetpancake4+42-7
2010-06-09 21:43add some more notes in TODO file define FONTFACTOR in gi_sdl and fix text width wrap add IS_SCROLLBOX macro some indent fixes and simplify some codepancake5+35-35
2010-06-09 21:03protect rendering function with a singleton do not pass any argument to swk_update() add 'tlock' example program with clockpancake3+96-14
2010-05-15 11:24Single global SwkWindow w->running is moved outside window swk_init is now named swk_use()pancake5+77-66
2010-05-09 02:37Apply Robert Ransom patchset fixing make clean and removing debug printf Cleanup README and split it into TODOpancake2+15-59
2010-05-08 22:07Fix "make clean".Robert Ransom1+3-1
2010-05-08 22:03Fix "event: key ..." bread crumbs.Robert Ransom1+2-2
2010-05-07 11:44oops. add missing filespancake2+0-0
2010-05-07 11:42move example programs to 't/' directory fix swk.mk and use it from t/Makefile remove <enter> key from desktop config.h doublescroll also with mouse wheel fix segfault in swk_gi_text when passing null string initial working version of the ascii-art ui api (t/ui.c)pancake9+391-289
2010-05-07 10:18initial import of ui.c (ascii-art UI description parser) install missing swk.h clean warningspancake5+163-20
2010-05-07 00:16initial working drawing for swk_sketch() fix sketch inner surface boundariespancake3+13-8
2010-05-06 23:29fix mouseup invalid click issue describe build instructions in READMEpancake2+10-7
2010-05-06 23:10added specific config.h for n900 (landscape/portrait) workaround for touchscreens (report wrong click x,y) small performance trick for scrolling fix keyboard input in n900 remove the ugly performance trick fix layout of 'about' panel in test programpancake4+62-8
2010-05-06 22:59add null pointer check in putpixel() add swk_gi_img_new() to get blank surface display text cursor line in swk_entry initial nonworking implementation of swk_sketchpancake5+44-10
2010-05-06 08:18Added getscrpoint helper in gi_sdl Scrollbox is never full window unless specified Draw lines with rects (faster than per-pixel) Implement swk_gi_img_set in sdl to paint pixelspancake2+24-20
2010-05-05 09:12* Fix click/scroll event handling * Use constants in putpixel (reduce LOC and complexity) - Remove useless space chars * Minor cleanup for config.def.h - remove N900 stuff, drop bold fontspancake3+51-51
2010-04-28 22:08fix img_free fix line width in swk_label some changes in config.hpancake6+73-9
2010-04-28 21:05do not initialize twice the video (fix n900 100% cpu) fix mousebuttondown scrolling scroll two timespancake1+3-2
2010-04-28 20:32fix screen size on non-tiled window managers fit initial resize on tiled window managers lock surface on flipping support more than one scrolling area display scroll index on scrolling separatorspancake3+29-6
2010-04-28 15:55add image support to gi backend tested in example added global event handler in SwkWindowpancake7+86-10
2010-04-28 14:54Fix segfault and some keys in n900pancake2+5-4
2010-04-28 10:17implement drag scrolling some minor source simplificationspancake2+38-27
2010-04-28 01:46add support for mouse wheel to scroll compile shared librarypancake4+53-35
2010-04-28 01:06implement full window contents scrollpancake1+5-5
2010-04-28 00:58implement progressbar widget some modifications in vertical filler code.. still uglypancake3+57-8
2010-04-28 00:14Added keybindings and functions to scroll and change font size ^+ , ^- to increase/decrease font size ^j, ^k to scroll down and up the vertical filled area No more overlapped widgets Scrolling is possible when using vertical fillerpancake5+105-36
2010-04-27 00:09do not overlap widgets when vertical fill used add second screen in test programpancake3+37-8
2010-04-26 23:42added FONTBOLD define in config.def.h use gray instead of white for font color fix overflow in putpixel function (slow but ok) use antialiased fonts with SDL_ttf embed 'running' variable into SwkWindow swk_gi_fill now supports 'lil' mode (small box) fix overflow in text rendering vertical padding now fits better to bottom swk_exit gets the SwkWindow instance swk_option supports single or multioption selection modepancake5+84-32
2010-04-26 20:36define default window width/height in config.h implemented vertical filler widget option widget supports sharing widget root visual fixes in option widgetpancake5+61-42
2010-04-25 22:31initial implementation of swk_option widgetpancake3+34-0
2010-04-25 22:13added config.h to configure colors, font size and keys implied simplification in gi_sdlpancake6+75-45
2010-04-22 13:01handle up/down arrow keys implement and use swk_password widgetpancake4+65-16
2010-04-21 21:08added swk_focus_first() hook ^[hjkl] and Esc keys do not append nonprintable chars in swk_entry align text widgets to their borderspancake4+66-31
2010-04-21 15:24Some cleanups and remarksanselm@garbe.us5+121-115
2010-04-21 12:21default colors from dwm by default use bold font in sdl backend do not render empty text fix mouse over widget focuspancake3+37-34
2010-04-21 10:22swk_entry initial implementation focus_{prev|next} iterates only over non swk_fillers highlight label widgets extended test examplepancake4+63-13
2010-04-21 01:35fix test program reduce font size to 14px swk_fit_row is now staticpancake4+6-12
2010-04-21 01:21added sdl_ttf as dependency to draw text basic example is now working with layout and clicks implemented basic drawing primitives in sdl backend sdl backend can be configured with few defines on mouse over and click change box selection added 'Alt' modifier to SwkKeyModpancake6+235-52
2010-04-20 21:56create and install .mk and pkgconfig files fix build and clean warningspancake3+22-4
2010-04-20 08:32do not handle modifier-only keycodes fix key modifier enumpancake2+18-16
2010-04-20 08:26fix keysym input (with unicode support) remove outdated stuffpancake2+6-5
2010-04-20 08:19revert last commit refactorize some code and remove draw.{c|h} handle mouse events in sdl backend extended example programpancake9+156-177
2010-04-19 23:29added pancakes stuffAnselm R Garbe6+89-22
2010-04-19 23:20commit initial sdl backend discussed design is partially implementedpancake8+288-16
2010-04-19 12:54some more changespancake1+7-7
2010-04-18 21:36result of our discussion todayAnselm R Garbe1+7-1
2010-04-18 20:48updateAnselm R Garbe4+49-215
2010-03-27 22:10initial stuffarg@localhost.localdomain5+246-0