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README (1494B)

      1 This is a simple set of scripts to make it easy to play and
      2 download videos from online video services. The main program,
      3 vp, checks a given URL against a list of known video sites and
      4 attempts to convert it to the URL of a video stream.  If it
      5 doesn't recognize the pattern, it assumes that it is an
      6 ordinary media URL and procedes as normal. If no url is
      7 provided, it is read from the X11 clipboard. It accepts the
      8 following options:
     10     -b        Pre-buffer the video for players with bad streaming
     11 	      support.
     12     -e        Echo the resulting URL and exit.
     13     -f        Fetch the resulting stream rather than playing
     14               it.
     15     -F        Override the default video format.
     16     -o <file> Output the stream to the given file rather than
     17 	      guessing it automatically.
     19 The additional script vp-ytlogin should be run to login to
     20 YouTube and enable access to age-restricted videos.
     22 Requirements:
     23     9base or plan9port
     24     curl (in the default configuration)
     26 To install, edit config.mk or config.local.mk and run,
     28     9 mk install
     30 Configuration is stored in $home/.config/vp.conf and can be
     31 used to override the configuration values in vp-base.
     32 Specialized configuration for any of the site-specific
     33 subscripts can be placed in a function called
     34 config-<script-name> where <script-name> is the name of the
     35 sub-script. Additionally, most sub-scripts come with a set of
     36 configuration variables which may be set directly. See the
     37 individual sub-scripts for documentation.