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2009-08-31 20:34give copyright to all authors in LICENSE and remove AUTHORS fileSuraj N. Kurapati2+5-6
2009-08-31 20:21use simpler Copyright reminder at the top of every fileSuraj N. Kurapati3+6-6
2009-08-31 20:18use 50/50 equal spacing for columns instead of the Golden RatioSuraj N. Kurapati1+1-1
2009-08-31 20:18upgrade Firefox from Gran Paradiso to ShiretokoSuraj N. Kurapati1+4-4
2009-06-19 19:41add keys for loading & adding to MPD playlistsSuraj N. Kurapati1+18-0
2009-06-19 19:19minor clean upSuraj N. Kurapati1+3-3
2009-05-19 05:01split 'script' parameter into 'before' and 'after' subsectionsSuraj N. Kurapati2+17-8
2009-05-19 03:47use /event/-based singleton mutex to reload wmiirc instead of exec()Suraj N. Kurapati1+1-1
2009-05-19 03:45add Michael Andrus to AUTHORSSuraj N. Kurapati1+1-0
2009-05-19 03:43ignore error when client appears and disappears very quicklySuraj N. Kurapati1+6-2
2009-05-14 11:03UrgentTag: use notice color instaed of *wabu1+3-2
2009-05-14 07:24fix error in previous commitSuraj N. Kurapati1+3-3
2009-05-14 07:04restore support for wmii-3.6 with Kris Maglione's suggestion (UNTESTED!)Suraj N. Kurapati2+12-2
2009-05-14 06:40only allocate a click handler if specifiedSuraj N. Kurapati1+6-4
2009-05-14 05:32the order of status buttons now reflects their definition orderSuraj N. Kurapati2+58-69
2009-05-14 05:02For me, the music status bar code complains that artist doesn't exist for Nil class if mpd is running but no song is loaded.Michael Andrus1+7-6
2009-05-14 04:53fix order of client tag mapping specified in YAML was not respectedSuraj N. Kurapati1+1-4
2009-05-13 15:24add 'click' parameter to handle status bar button clickswabu2+64-15
2009-05-13 14:08fixed status/refresh command to ignore position value of barwabu1+2-1
2009-05-13 03:21add AUTHORS file listing everyone who contributed codeSuraj N. Kurapati2+5-2
2009-05-13 02:07clean up terminal launcherSuraj N. Kurapati1+8-9
2009-05-13 02:00the launch() method only accepts an array of wordsSuraj N. Kurapati2+2-3
2009-05-13 01:52add launch() method to run programs in the backgroundSuraj N. Kurapati2+18-9
2009-05-13 00:06increase minimum wmii requirement from 3.6 to hg2444Suraj N. Kurapati1+4-8
2009-05-12 21:29load-bar with happy colorz :Dwabu1+12-2
2009-05-12 19:26allow user to specify order of client regexp mapping evaluationSuraj N. Kurapati2+11-7
2009-05-12 08:31specify license names for the reader's convenienceSuraj N. Kurapati1+3-0
2009-05-12 08:09update my settingsSuraj N. Kurapati1+4-4
2009-05-12 08:09clean up & revise docsSuraj N. Kurapati3+18-8
2009-05-12 07:59add new key bindings for client grouping and change existing onesSuraj N. Kurapati1+26-8
2009-05-12 07:25remove need for verbose !ruby/regexp YAML directiveSuraj N. Kurapati2+17-8
2009-05-12 07:23Revert "use wimenu instead of dmenu in key_menu()" because wimenu does not yet support browsing choices via arrow keysSuraj N. Kurapati1+11-1
2009-05-12 06:13add actions(), events(), and keys() methods for registry listingSuraj N. Kurapati3+23-2
2009-05-12 06:00do not list programs inside ~/.wmii-hg/ in action menuSuraj N. Kurapati1+5-9
2009-05-12 05:53add 'reload' action to reload the configuration (idea by wabu)Suraj N. Kurapati3+14-3
2009-05-12 05:10clear status bar before adding status buttons (idea by wabu)Suraj N. Kurapati1+8-7
2009-05-12 05:08add 'position' option for status buttons, which lets you specify the order in which they appear on the status barSuraj N. Kurapati2+12-3
2009-05-11 18:09use wimenu instead of dmenu in key_menu()wabu1+1-11
2009-05-11 16:38terminate existing wmiirc instances BEFORE making changes to wmiiSuraj N. Kurapati1+13-11
2009-05-11 12:44improved shell handling: escape commands properlySimon Hafner1+6-14
2009-05-11 09:59clean upSuraj N. Kurapati4+105-48
2009-05-10 06:50add proper attribution for wmii authors, whose wmiirc's I copiedSuraj N. Kurapati1+25-0
2009-05-10 06:26migrate to a YAML-based configuration fileSuraj N. Kurapati4+1076-833
2009-05-09 16:12ignore errors when moving clients to nonexistent locationsSuraj N. Kurapati1+9-9
2009-04-29 07:04add Thunar to list of clients to force onto current viewSuraj N. Kurapati1+1-1
2009-04-29 07:04preserve focus on client during zoom & unzoomSuraj N. Kurapati1+43-25
2009-04-14 18:35use wmii-hg as install dir and alias it to wmii-3.5Suraj N. Kurapati1+8-6
2009-04-14 18:23use snake_case instead of CamelCaseSuraj N. Kurapati2+53-37
2009-04-14 18:18update firefox tagger to accept "Gran Paradiso" as its nameSuraj N. Kurapati1+1-3
2009-04-14 18:18fix event handler for UrgentTag and NotUrgentTag eventsSuraj N. Kurapati1+6-2
2009-02-24 05:47allow users to recover from all exceptions (not just StandardError)Suraj N. Kurapati1+4-7
2009-02-17 18:32add link to Rumai manual (so people don't think this is for wmii 3.1)Suraj N. Kurapati1+5-1
2009-02-07 22:00wmii config dir is ~/.wmii-3.5 not ~/.wmii-hgSuraj N. Kurapati1+3-3
2009-02-07 21:59determine client by Client#props rather than Client#labelSuraj N. Kurapati1+3-3
2009-01-20 07:54change shortcut for "group all clients in managed area" from a -> mSuraj N. Kurapati1+2-2
2009-01-20 07:49rename wmiirc-config.rb -> config.rbSuraj N. Kurapati3+713-713
2009-01-20 07:41update firefox & deluge handlingSuraj N. Kurapati1+3-1
2009-01-20 07:39add volume controls and MPD music player controlsSuraj N. Kurapati1+76-21
2009-01-20 07:31add support for terminal window title having only the PWD pathSuraj N. Kurapati1+1-1
2009-01-20 07:28zoom advances in serial order; unzoom retreats to previous zoomSuraj N. Kurapati1+15-4
2009-01-20 07:25make firefox windows open on the current viewSuraj N. Kurapati1+20-0
2009-01-20 05:30clean upSuraj N. Kurapati3+113-136
2009-01-20 05:20ignore LOG.flush() method callsSuraj N. Kurapati1+4-0
2009-01-20 05:19switch from MIT license to the simpler ISC licenseSuraj N. Kurapati4+13-24
2008-02-03 07:14make :clear action more resilientSuraj N. Kurapati1+3-4
2008-01-27 19:25split status bar information into independent buttonsSuraj N. Kurapati1+29-20
2008-01-27 03:18upgrade to RumaiSuraj N. Kurapati3+178-186
2008-01-10 07:02add shortcuts for MPD & alsamixer controlSuraj N. Kurapati1+28-0
2008-01-10 07:02revert back to old grouping shortcutsSuraj N. Kurapati2+5-6
2007-12-02 19:59add READMESuraj N. Kurapati1+43-0
2007-12-02 19:30hack for swap to area by number for wmii-snap20070516Suraj N. Kurapati1+1-1
2007-12-02 19:30clean upSuraj N. Kurapati2+7-4
2007-09-01 17:11add 'kill' action which just restart wmii w/o losing all clientsSuraj N. Kurapati2+30-24
2007-05-30 03:06terminal shortcut now propogates working dir of current term into the new oneSuraj N. Kurapati1+11-1
2007-05-30 02:53add :clear action which safely terminates all clientsSuraj N. Kurapati1+21-0
2007-05-18 22:04import borior's impl of find_programs()Suraj N. Kurapati1+7-12
2007-05-06 00:50fix two shortcuts were bound to the same key sequence: key Key::SEND + 't'Suraj N. Kurapati1+1-3
2007-04-28 07:09change key for toggling of client's grouping from 'g' to 'c'Suraj N. Kurapati1+29-5
2007-04-28 00:19add shortcut for swapping current client with {i}'th columnSuraj N. Kurapati1+5-0
2007-04-27 16:56add support for registration of multiple block handlers for the same keySuraj N. Kurapati1+7-2
2007-04-27 16:46output is not captured by logger when $DEBUG is setSuraj N. Kurapati1+2-0
2007-04-27 06:56incorporate boroir's improvements to mini DSL and do some clean upSuraj N. Kurapati2+192-215
2007-04-27 05:49restore patch: temp view no longer takes you to existing temp viewsSuraj N. Kurapati1+2-2
2007-04-27 05:48remove protection for when wmii first starts up (no clients, views, or areas!)Suraj N. Kurapati1+5-15
2007-04-26 19:06simplifySuraj N. Kurapati1+14-15
2007-04-26 19:04client detaching now preserves unaffected tags (client remains on other views)Suraj N. Kurapati1+4-2
2007-04-26 18:39incorporate John-Galt's and borior's mini DSL for easier configSuraj N. Kurapati2+469-456
2007-04-26 07:51terminate existing instances nicely before SIGKILL-ing themSuraj N. Kurapati1+1-0
2007-04-13 17:45fix existing wmiirc instances were refusing to dieSuraj N. Kurapati1+6-6
2007-03-31 20:54remove obsolete Rakefile of the old snk_wmiircSuraj N. Kurapati1+0-23
2007-03-31 20:52change from GPL to MIT licenseSuraj N. Kurapati4+25-373
2007-03-09 19:49redirected STDOUT and STDERR to the log fileSuraj N. Kurapati1+5-0
2007-03-05 06:02temp view no longer takes you to existing temp viewsSuraj N. Kurapati1+2-2
2007-03-04 05:37add protection for when wmii first starts up (no clients, views, or areas!)Suraj N. Kurapati1+17-7
2007-03-04 05:07prevent jEdit from always being sent to 'code' viewSuraj N. Kurapati1+0-1
2007-03-04 03:44fix error when focusing {i}'th view when i > number of viewsSuraj N. Kurapati1+2-2
2007-03-01 21:57fix 'bad value' errors when sliding focus around in floating areaSuraj N. Kurapati1+4-4
2007-02-28 21:19fix number key handlingSuraj N. Kurapati1+8-41
2007-02-28 21:17beautifySuraj N. Kurapati2+124-135
2007-02-28 21:02add prompts to interactive menusSuraj N. Kurapati1+10-7